Fear of the Unknown 📍 Singapura


Sometimes in life, we make decisions that frighten us. The decisions that are only made after serious internal deliberation, or perhaps in a moment of bravado in an attempt to hide internal worries.

Choosing to apply to move overseas for the second time in two years was one of those moments, probably made in the later of those occasions.

One part of me pulled me to remember the challenges of moving to London, the homesickness, the loneliness and the fear of the unknown. However, I am eternally grateful that my rational saved me from missing a once in a lifetime opportunity. I remembered that there will not be many points in my life where I may pack my life into tiny boxes and with two suitcases in tow, arrive in a new country without a job or a house and only a partially confirmed visa.

So here I am, in the remarkable Singapore. Learning how to walk again, one Kopi and Hainanese chicken rice at a time. Trying not to compare myself, to not be harsh on myself and trying to breathe in every beautiful, humid moment of this chance at freedom and life.

Trying, always trying, to not let the fear of the unknown outweigh the fear of mediocrity.



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